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4 Reasons for Almsgiving to Orphans

Almsgiving is one of the worship that Allah glorifies, Allah says: “Surely those who give alms both men and women and lend to Allah with a good loan, will undoubtedly be multiplied (their reward) to them and for them the reward is many”. (Surah Al-Hadid: 18).

The virtue of charity can also extinguish the fires of hell; Rasulullah said; “Almsgiving can wash away sins as water extinguishes fire”. (Narrated by At-Tirmidhi).

Even sedeka not only brings reward, but also can increase wealth for those who give charity. Allah SWT said in QS. Saba verse 39: “Whatever wealth you give, Allah will definitely replace it, and He is the best giver of sustenance”.

And, one of the sadaqahs that the Prophet gave to him was to support orphans. Well, this time Amal Mulia will explain, the reasons for the importance of alms to orphans;

1. Almsgiving for orphans is a form of submission to Allah

In Surah Al-Ma’un, verses 1-7, Allah is very emphatic that people who hurt orphans are people who lie to religion.

“Do you know that people who deny religion are people who rebuke orphans and do not feed the poor, then woe to those who are pious, namely people who are negligent from their prayers, people who do riya and are reluctant to help with useful things” . (QS. Al-Ma’un verses 1-7).

This great hadith shows the great virtues and rewards of people who support orphans, so Imam Bukhari includes this hadith in the chapter: the virtue of those who care for orphans.

2. Alms orphans as a sign of one’s level of faith

“It is not a virtue to turn your face to the east and west, but actually that virtue is faith in Allah, the following day, angels, books, prophets and giving the treasures that they love to their relatives, orphans, poor people, travelers (who need help) and beggars; and (free) my slave, establish prayers, and pay zakat; and those who keep their promises when they promise, and those who are patient in hardship, suffering and in war. They are the ones who are true (faith); and they are the ones who are cautious. ” (Surah Al-Baqarah [2]: 177)

“And spend (your belongings) in the way of Allah, and do not throw yourself into destruction, and do good, for verily Allah loves those who do good.” (Surah Al-Baqarah [2]: 195)

3. Alms orphans as a form of gratitude for God’s blessings

“Whoever takes an orphan from among the Muslims, and feeds and drinks it, Allah will put him in heaven, unless he commits a major sin that is unforgivable. (Narrated by Turmudzi)

The best the house of the Muslims is a house in which an orphan is treated (cared for) properly, and the worst the house of the Muslims is a house in which there are orphans but he is treated badly. (Narrated by Ibn Mubarak)

4. Alms for orphans can be reassuring

“Indeed, a man complained to the Prophet s.a.w., because his heart was hard. Prophet s.a.w. said: -‘Buckle the head of the orphan, and feed the poor ‘. (HR. Ahmad)

The orphan cried, the arasy shook. Word of God: By My majesty, whoever consoles him and stops his crying, I assure him of heaven (Hadith Qudsi 208)

May be useful.

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